‘Zoe's photographs have real warmth, personality, energy and beauty' -  ‘a naturalist and has a beautiful eye for detail' - ‘the simplest of objects or scenes have so much emotion and beauty in them' -  ‘a very easy-going and sympathetic presence’ -  ‘Zoe manages to capture the essence or spirit’ ‘the photographs Zoe took were just all about him

These are things clients have said about working with me and the photos I took, but what can you expect?

How I work: with you, for you and in your own space. I aim to make you feel at ease. You can tell me in advance of any worries you might have about being in front of the camera - many people (including me!) share these worries and I can set your mind at rest. I mostly use natural or available light to shoot and like all photographers I have my own style. If you like what you see on my website the chances are good that you’ll like what you see from our shoot.

Where I work: I am happy to travel, but I don’t work from a studio setting. Tell me something about yourself and your loves, hates and interests, where you like to be, and I can come up with some ideas or work with yours. Portraits can be intimate in any setting - it’s all about the focal length and depth of field. Equally portraits can be about setting, so if you have a favourite place -tell me about it! 

Who I work with: you and yours. I am happy to work with a wide variety of different people and for different purposes.

How I edit: digital images need processing as much as film, so there are always adjustments to make. What I won’t do is redesign your face or make you look like a stranger.  

Prices start from around £100 for a simple head shot, but please get in contact for more information. Include as much information as you can about what you are looking for, what you like, where you'd like to shoot, and anything else you think might be relevant.  This is all about you.

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