I love to be behind the camera, and hate to be in front of it. The only day I didn’t take any photos was my own wedding day.

I was born in London to classical musicians from New Zealand, and spent my early childhood in Newcastle, Norway and Sweden, before returning to London as a pre-teen. My memories of Scandinavia are of mountains and patchwork fields, swimming in lakes, skating on lakes, skiing to school, and never being cold outside, because there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.

I loved Oxford as an English Literature student. Part city, part countryside, part fairytale, part character in a book. I returned to real life and London after my degree, though I think of my twenties as the wilderness years, not knowing what I wanted to do and drifting from job to job.  Then I signed up for the Photographic Studies MA programme at Westminster on the cusp of thirty, days before the start of term. Half theory, half practice, the course took me to the darkroom and the library, and gave me purpose for the first time in my life.

I met my husband at this time, before we both had a clue where life would lead, and towards the end of my masters’ course started working in fundraising at a major art institution. I loved the art but working in an office was not for me. Later I worked for a big art magazine, but though I visited lots of galleries I was not myself creative. We got married, and moved from the inner city, gradually making our way further out of the city, to the edge of Epping Forest (a sort of early muse of mine), and had a baby. For me being close to nature ignites creativity, and eventually we moved to the countryside and I started working as a photographer.

We now live in a small village in North Essex, where I run, take photos, and enjoy life. 

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